Skin care tips: Prepare natural wax at home to remove unwanted facial hair like this


Unwanted hair on the face spoils your beauty, so it is necessary to remove them, many times women also make face wax to remove tanning and blackheads, but you can prepare bowl wax from the ingredients at home, Learn how to make it.

Ingredients: 6 large spoons of sugar, two spoons of honey, two spoons of lemon juice and 3 teaspoons of water

Dress as
First of all, heat all the things together in a pot, then let it heat until the sugar in it dissolves completely, after that turn off the gas. allow to cool.


How to apply
First of all, apply talcum powder on the face so that the oil coming out of the skin absorbs this powder well, then apply a thick layer of wax and pat it with hands, pause a few seconds to remove the wax with a jerk. After removing wax, use aloe vera gel at that place or apply ice or moisturizer at that place.

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