Shilpa Shetty told this easy yoga to keep body in shape, practice 5-10 minutes daily


Shilpa Shetty is known for her fitness. Many videos and photos related to Shilpa Yoga also share with the fans. Recently, Shilpa has shared a video on Instagram. In this video, Shilpa talks about Paad Sanchalanasana. Shilpa has given many tips on how to do this yoga pose. With this yoga body, the body can be kept in the right shape.

How to do Paad Sankalanasana Yogasana
– Lie on your back, place your palms under your hips, and spread your legs out completely.

-Now turn your feet in the air as you ride a bicycle. Therefore, raise your legs up, pull them out, then bring them (towards your bowels), lift them up (making a 90-degree angle with your upper body), and then pull them back to the front.

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-Now repeat this.

-You can do five cycles of this pose for up to 30 seconds. You can change the time and cycle at your convenience.


Keep these things in mind
Shilpa has told in the video that you have to stretch properly and if you really want to gain, then go slow with this posture, but there are some other things that you need to take care of to avoid back pain. Of course they are-
– Combine your core to get a maximum contraction.
Take your time with poses and do not do it in haste.
-To support your butts do it on a mat.
-Place your palms under your butts to support them and hold the flow better and longer.
-Breathe and leave properly. While exhaling, bring the feet close to your chest and inhale while unfolding.

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This yoga posture video of Shilpa Shetty is getting tremendous response on social media.



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