Seeing this legendary player playing cricket with children on the roadside in such a condition, people could not stop the tears

As we all know, at this time there is a discussion of cricket in the country because IPL is going on at this time and whose 11th season is at its peak. Enjoys with all his heart, but there was something more special in this year’s IPL and that was the return of the two teams that were banned in the IPL. In which the fans of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were even more excited to watch the IPL this time.

Whenever IPL happens, everyone’s eyes are fixed here and people leave no stone unturned to increase the enthusiasm and morale of your team. It can be guessed from the matter that wherever the match of IPL is held in the stadium in huge quantity, the fans of cricket keep on expressing again and again how special cricket is in India.

But today we are going to tell you such a thing that you will also be stunned to know because today the whole country is busy watching IPL matches and cricket fans everywhere are boosting their morale by wearing the jersey of their favorite team, on the other hand a veteran The player has appeared in such a condition, seeing that it has become very difficult to recognize him and seeing his condition, you will also cry.

Actually this player has been a part of IPL cricket team some time back which people liked very much but today he is not seen playing cricket with roadside kids. Although there is no harm in playing cricket with children, but when it came to the condition of this cricketer, people were definitely shocked to see him because everyone was surprised to see his condition and it is difficult for everyone to believe. The legendary player we are talking about was none other than Australia’s fast bowler Brett Lee, yes you must have been shocked to hear the name.

Something similar happened when people on the road saw the famous cricketer Brett Lee in this condition. Seeing him, people could not understand how to react? laughed? cry? Or what to do? Whereas when Brett Lee told the truth behind his appearance, people could not stop themselves from crying at all. In fact, Brett Lee, while removing the veil from the truth of his appearance, said that he has adopted this look so that people do not recognize him and he can enjoy cricket in some relaxed moments with the children by staying in Mumbai and enjoying his life. Can ease the mind

Just last year it was reported that Australian fast bowler Brett Lee, who has made the batsmen of the world all the four because of his fast bowling, has retired from all forms of cricket.

Let us tell you that recently a website has also shared the page of a video in which Star Sports has written, while sharing this video, “This old man wearing torn clothes is playing cricket in the local park with children. had arrived. But seeing Brett Lee in this condition, the children did not have the slightest idea that this is such a big famous player Brett Lee and the children were playing cricket with him on the streets with an open mind and Brett Lee also enjoyed this moment very much. were enjoying


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