Scientist at Banaras Hindu University says third Covid wave will be less severe

VARANASI: A possible third wave of COVID will be less severe and deadly, especially for the vaccinated group of people who have recovered from the virus and children, according to a statement by Banaras Hindu University Professor Dnyaneshwar Choubey. Professor Choubey said that those who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and have recovered, will come under the protected group during the third wave.

The professor further said, “The wave is likely to come after at least three months, but the ongoing coronavirus vaccination will boost people’s immunity and help them resist the wave”. Only antibody levels fall every three months there is a possibility of a third wave. So, if antibody levels drop in the next 3 months, a third wave may come. But the ongoing vaccination campaign has helped in the fight against the virus. Will help. If our immunity is more than 70 percent then the effect of covid will be less in that group and gradually its frequency will start decreasing.” From time to time, the corona will raise its head but eventually it will subside. Once the antibody levels drop, the chances of catching COVID will increase. Still, the mortality rate for protected group people is very low,” he added. So even if one to two deaths out of two to four lakh people, it would be considered a big deal.


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