Running Tips: Do not make these small mistakes after running, which can change your hard work


We are all well aware of this fact that running is one of the best options to keep the body fit. This not only makes the body strong, but the stamina is also better. However, it is often seen that people make some small mistakes after running, which is very important to avoid …

Avoid heavy causes

After running, the body gets tired and all the organs start working fast. Any type of heavy lifting or heavy work should be avoided just after a long run. Doing this can cause problems like stretching, fatigue in muscles. It is advisable to relax for some time immediately after running.

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Must hydrate the body

The body needs energy and water just after running. Before and after running, it is necessary to have a good quantity of water in the body. To avoid fatigue and muscle weakness after running, refuel the body, because the running lacks energy in it and the water present in it comes out as sweat. Water and energy should be replenished in the body within 30 minutes of running, keep in mind that before or after running, avoid eating too much food or water together. If you run for a short time, you can hydrate the body with just water, but after a long run, drinks containing sugar, sodium and maltodextrin should be consumed.

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Bathing with lukewarm water immediately after running for a long time can be dangerous. By running, the muscles of the body become hot and the temperature of the body also increases. In such a situation, bathing with lukewarm water can do harm. Bathing should be avoided just after running. Take a shower after at least 30 minutes. After some time after running, you can take a bath with lukewarm or normal water.



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