Remember these five tips to avoid fraud while shopping online


Online shopping is a common thing in the social media era, but there are many people who have many confusion about online shopping. At the same time, the experiences of some people are not good about online shopping, due to which they do not shop online further, no matter how much they are not getting any benefit. Today we are giving you such tips, which will be useful for you while shopping online-
COD or card
In online shopping, you can choose cash on delivery by choosing any product. This is an option in which you pay after the goods in your hand. At the same time, if you are shopping online for the first time, then cashon delivery (COD) will be a better option for you. If you have already done online shopping then payment via credit card is better, because it is easy to get facilities like refunds and records through the card.

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Safe account
If you are using the card for online shopping, it is important to always logout your account after the purchase process is complete. Before using a bank card, check that the card is registered with Verified-by-Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.


Website company check
Nowadays advertisements are shown on social media by showing pictures of attractive clothes or any other product, in such a situation, you need to see on these websites that you have to see the address, landline number and other information of the register office. Never shop from any website without them.

Quality focus
Often we are tempted to buy old stock items to save money, because there are big offers or discounts on the website related to it. In such a situation, it is prudent to spend some extra and buy a new product instead of getting caught in a low price affair.

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Take care after booking the order
Customers should ensure warranty on the purchase of valuables such as air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens etc. It should be ascertained whether additional services such as warranties will be offered on purchase of these through online channels.



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