Pictures of Anand Giri in saffron clothes created panic, people surprised to see


Yoga guru Anand Giri, who was arrested after the suspicious death of Mahant Narendra Giri, president of Akhara Parishad at Baghambari Math, has been in the news for his expensive hobby as well as foreign travels. Keeping a luxury car, mobile and expensive bike is also one of Anand Giri’s hobbies. Many times pictures of his bike riding and boating in mountain valleys have also become viral on social media. The luxury lifestyle of Anand Giri has always been in the news.

The same Anand Giri has often been sharing his pictures with luxury vehicles and motorcycles on social media. Anand Giri has also been criticized many times in the Sant Samaj for his craze for expensive vehicles, expensive phones, saffron clothes made of precious silk cotton. Not only this, the Baghmbri Gaddi Math has also become gritty after his photo with a wine pack went viral due to the plane’s business class travel.

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He was seen sitting on the seat of the Anand Giri plane with a glass full of wine. Anand Giri, who was surrounded by controversies regarding the photo, had then clarified that the glass contains juice and not alcohol. Anyway, their living conditions have been different from ordinary saints. Anand Giri has also been fond of changing expensive mobiles like Apple in a few months. Anand Giri is usually seen in saffron clothes but the stitching of clothes has been done in the most expensive tailor shop in the city. Seeing these pictures of her, people are shocked and also decisive.

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