Ajmer: A video of Ajmer, Rajasthan is becoming fiercely viral. This viral video is from Rampura village of Nasirabad town of Ajmer district. Recently, during a wedding ceremony here, during the Bindauri ceremony, the mare broke down due to sudden fireworks and took the groom with him. The mare ran for about 4 km to the sound of fireworks and was followed by the groom’s family and mare owner.

The procession followed them by car-bike and went 4 kilometers away and caught the mare. This video is being told four days old. When the mare ran with the groom running the firecracker, the processions chased him for 4 kilometers and caught him. The groom’s health deteriorated after this accident. According to the information received, on July 18, the procession of Ramprasad, a resident of Rampura, was about to go to Murlipura in Jaipur. Before the procession, the ritual of Bindauri was being performed in the village, in which the mare was dancing. During this firecrackers were also burst.

Hearing the sound of firecrackers, the mare started running. The mare could be caught after going about four kilometers away. During this, the condition of the groom sitting on him became worse. The villagers chased the mare and took the groom down. After this the groom’s health deteriorated. After a few hours when the groom’s health improved, the procession was sent to Jaipur.


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