Noodles-choppies are enjoyed in this temple of Maa Kali in Kolkata, Chinese people also come to worship

Kolkata.After this, noodles and chops are distributed to the people in the prasad too. There is a special miraculous reason for offering such unique offerings in this temple of Maa Kali. This temple, which is offered noodles-choppies in Bhog to the Goddess, is in the Tangra area of ​​​​Kolkata. This area is famous as China Town.

This temple is in a street. This historic street in Tibetan style brings together a glimpse of old Kolkata and the beautiful culture of East Asia. The interesting thing is that in this temple, not only Chinese dishes are offered to the Mother Goddess, but the incense sticks lit here are also Chinese. In this way, apart from the offerings of the temple, the fragrance spread here is also different from other temples. However, the work of worship in this temple is done by a Bengali priest and to keep evil spirits away, handmade papers are burnt here on special occasions.

This Chinese Kali temple of Tangra was built about 20 years ago with donations from both Chinese and Bengali people. Before the temple was built, at this place, for the last 60 years, only Hindus worshiped the Mother Goddess under a tree. According to the local people, many years ago a Chinese boy became seriously ill. No treatment is working on this 10-year-old boy, one day his parents made him lie down under the same tree and prayed to the Mother Goddess.

The boy was cured miraculously and since then this temple has become a center of faith for the Hindu community as well as the Chinese community. When the Chinese people started coming to the temple, they also started offering food to the Mother Goddess according to their culture. Since then, noodles, chops etc. began to be offered to the mother here. While coming to this temple, Chinese people take off their shoes like other devotees and then come inside and bow to the Mother Goddess. Although the style of saluting him is similar to that of China.

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