‘No entry to wear saree’, Aquila restaurant clarified after the uproar, know what it said


New Delhi: Aquila restaurant in Ansal Plaza, Delhi has clarified the whole matter after a ‘sari’ trend on social media. A woman posted the video claiming that she was not allowed inside by the restaurant for wearing a saree. Aquila has now clarified that she respects Indian culture. Always welcome customers of every style, from modern to traditional. At the same time, the woman has been accused of assaulting her staff.

In a clarification via an Instagram post, the restaurant said that the 10-second video that went viral on social media is a small part of an hour-long program on Sunday (September 19, 2021). The statement said, “When a guest came into the restaurant, he was politely requested to wait at the gate as there were no reservations to his name. While we were talking to the staff about where they should be made to sit,” the statement said. So she came inside. Started a fight with the restaurant and our staff. We didn’t think what happened after that. She slapped our manager, which you can see in the video footage with the CCTV link posted in the video footage.’ ‘

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In the statement, Akila said, “We believe in transparency, so we are showing you a glimpse of people who have come to our restaurant in traditional attire before. At the same time, the restaurant has reported that one of our gate managers said that We are not a part of our ‘Smart Casual Dress Code’ on sarees to deal with the situation and urge the guest to leave. Our entire team apologizes for this. The restaurant described itself as a Swadeshi brand and said that its Every member is a proud Indian.



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