Mother saves child from being buried under the wall


If anyone is the most powerful person in the world, it is mother. The word mother is special for everyone. A mother is the only one who fights against every danger for her child. Now this time also a video has been posted on social sites. This video is currently making headlines all over social media. It can be seen that a woman is sitting near the wall with a small child.

Meanwhile, he suddenly learns that something wrong is about to happen. You can see that in the meantime the wall collapsed in one step and all the bricks piled up on the woman. However, the best part is that she does not allow her child to get scratched during an accident. A man is clearly visible in the video who saves a child. Then the woman herself gets up and leaves. It is not yet known when and where this video was shot.

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Anyway, seeing this video, everyone is saying that every mother is no less than a god for her child. The video was shared by Indian Forest Officer Sushant Nanda. He captioned it, ‘This world needs a mother.’ Now people have started reacting to it.



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