Lifestyle. Friends, according to the scriptures, if you keep a silver coin in your purse, then surely your purse will always be full, that is, friends, you will not get to see any kind of financial crisis. For your information, let us tell you that this remedy has to be done on a Thursday in an auspicious time.

But friends, according to the scriptures, along with the silver coin, a picture of Lakshmi Mata will also have to be kept in the purse. This remedy has been tried, because friends have told us only about the benefits after adopting this remedy, then what is the harm in keeping a silver coin and a picture of Lakshmi Mata in the purse on Thursday in the auspicious time.

Although friends, apart from keeping these two items in the purse, you will also have to work hard, tell you that do not steal from hard work because astrology also inspires to do karma.


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