Know these 10 interesting facts related to Hindi

Hindi is a language in which love and goodwill meet. There is no such union in any other language. Hindi is said to have brought Aryans and Parsis to India. Most of the words in Hindi are derived from Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian. It is another matter that most of the English words are derived from Hindi. Hindi also has a mixture of local languages ​​like Awadhi, Braj etc. That is why Hindi is also known as a language. Lalit Saraswat, who did research on Hindi, says that the first poem in Hindi (vertical dialect) was written by the popular poet of India, Amir Khusro.

Ten interesting facts related to Hindi:-

On 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly decided that ‘Hindi’ would be the official language of India.

2- The literature on the history of the Hindi language was not written by an Indian but by the French writer Grasin de Tassie.

3- In 1950, Hindi language has been given the status of national language under Article 343 in Devanagari script.

4- The first poem in Hindi (vertical dialect) was written by the popular poet Amir Khusro.

An interesting fact about Hindi is that Hindi is basically a Persian word.

6- The first detailed survey on Hindi and other languages ​​was done by an Englishman Sir George Abraham Grierson.

7- While the Roman script of English has a total of 26 characters, the Devanagari script of Hindi has twice as many as 52 characters.

8- The first research work on Hindi language Tulsidas’ Dharmashastra was first presented by Junior Carpenter, an English scholar at the University of London.

9- In 1977, the then Foreign Minister Atal Vihari Vajpayee addressed the United Nations General Assembly in Hindi for the first time.

10- About 176 universities in all countries continue to study and teach Hindi, including 45 universities in the United States.


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