Know how a girl Vrinda became a Tulsi plant, you will be blown away knowing the whole story

It is known to all that how much importance is Tulsi in Hindu religion. Yes, Tulsi is considered very important not only religiously but also scientifically. Tulsi is a plant that is considered very sacred. This is the reason that in the house where there is a Tulsi plant, it is definitely worshipped. Now in general, Tulsi plant is definitely planted in most of the Hindu houses. But due to lack of proper care of Tulsi plant in many houses, this plant is not planted there.

It is worth noting that apart from worshiping God in Hindu religion, Tulsi Puja also has a lot of special importance. For your information, let us tell you that the day of Devuthani Ekadashi of Kartik month is celebrated as the festival of Tulsi marriage. That is, this day has a very special significance in religious scriptures. Significantly, after a long sleep of four months, Lord Vishnu wakes up only on the day of Ekadashi.

This is the reason that on this day all the Gods and Goddesses together celebrate Dev Deepawali. Let us tell that on this day the most beloved of Lord Vishnu, Tulsi is also married to Lord Shaligram. Now everyone knows how much Tulsi is dear to Lord Vishnu. By the way, for your information, let us tell you that another name of Tulsi is also Vrinda. Barhalal Today we will tell you how Vrinda actually became Tulsi.

If mythological beliefs are to be believed, then a girl was born in the demon clan itself. Whose name was Vrinda. Significantly, this girl was completely engrossed in the devotion of Lord Vishnu since childhood. At the same time, when Vrinda became eligible for marriage, then her parents married her to a demon named Jalandhar who was born from the churning of the ocean. Please tell that apart from being a devotee of Lord Vishnu, Vrinda was also a virtuous woman. Due to which Vrinda’s husband gradually became even more powerful. This is the reason that then all the gods and goddesses were also afraid of his havoc.

It is worth mentioning that whenever Jalandhar used to go for any war, Vrinda also used to sit for worship rituals. Actually, due to Vrinda’s devotion to Vishnu and spiritual practice, no one could defeat Jalandhar in the war. Barhalal one day Jalandhar attacked the gods. In such a situation, all the gods failed to defeat Jalandhar. Due to which all the gods went to the shelter of Lord Vishnu and requested to eliminate Jalandhar. Please tell that after this Lord Vishnu himself took the form of Jalandhar with his Maya.

Yes, after this Lord Vishnu deceived and destroyed Vrinda’s virtuous religion. Due to which the power of Jalandhar kept on decreasing and then he was killed in the war. You will be surprised to know that when Vrinda came to know about the deceit of Lord Vishnu, Vrinda cursed Vishnu to become a rock. In such a situation, when Mother Lakshmi ji requested Vrinda, Vrinda withdrew her curse. After this Vrinda herself became sati along with Jalandhar. Barhalal It is said that when Vrinda was sati, a plant had emerged from the ashes of her body. Please tell that this plant was given the name of Tulsi by Lord Vishnu.

Along with this, Vishnu ji, incorporating a form of himself in the stone, said that from today onwards he will not accept any offerings without Tulsi. This is the reason that when Bhog is offered to Lord Vishnu, then Tulsi leaves are definitely put in it. Along with this, Vishnu said that this stone will be worshiped along with Tulsi ji in the name of Shaligram. This is the reason why Shaligram is married with Tulsi ji in the month of Kartik.

Barhalal After reading this, you must have understood that after all, how a girl Vrinda actually became a Tulsi plant.


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