Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that according to Vastu, for happiness and prosperity in the house, it is considered very necessary to get things right. Some such things have been told in the scriptures that keeping them in the house causes financial difficulties and success is not achieved in any work, you should also know about these things.

off clocks Friends, according to the scriptures, tell you that watches take you forward in life. It can also avoid your bad times. But friends, always keep in mind that do not keep closed clocks in the house at all. By doing this your luck will stop at one place. Your bad time will not even take its name to end.

locked locks :- According to the scriptures, friends tell you that the lock can open your luck and can also close it forever. Friends, do not keep bad or closed locks in the house. According to the scriptures, this will hinder career. Getting married will become difficult.

bad footwear According to the scriptures, tell you that shoes and slippers are related to your hard work. If you want to reduce hard work in life, then keep your shoes and slippers right. Friends, keeping old, torn or worn shoes and slippers in the house will increase the conflict. Friends, for every task one will have to struggle step by step.

Torn clothes: According to the scriptures, let us tell you that clothes are directly related to your luck. Friends, unsuitable or bad clothes in the house always bring bad luck. Friends, it is okay to remove or distribute clothes, otherwise luck will stop supporting you.


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