Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that Navratnas have been considered very important in astrology, in the scriptures it is said that gems can ride someone’s life, then many problems can be faced in life. For information, let us tell you that there is a gem in the Navaratnas, which is very beneficial to wear, if you wear a pearl gemstone without coming to friends, then it can also cause harm instead of benefit.

1. According to the scriptures, let us tell you that such a pearl which does not have any luster and does not show its shadow by keeping it on hand, such a pearl is called Jarath Moti. Friends, wearing this pearl can cause untimely death.

2. For your information, let us tell you that a pearl is similar to a coral gem in appearance. It is called extra pearl. Friends, if you wear this pearl, then it brings poverty, there may be problems in employment also.

3. Friends tell you that if there is a mark like a fish’s eye on the pearl, then it is called a mermaid pearl. Friends, wearing it causes son related defects.


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