Kamal Nath became ‘Krishna’, Lalu appeared with ‘Sudarshan’, insulting Hindu gods again in the posters of politicians

Bhopal: The poster politics of Congress has once again created a new controversy regarding the insult of Hindu religion in Madhya Pradesh. The poster outside the Congress office in state capital Bhopal depicts former CM Kamal Nath as ‘Krishna’ while CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan as ‘Kansma’. There has been an uproar in the political corridors since the poster appeared. Where the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have called it an insult to Hinduism. On the other hand, the Congress leader who put up the poster says that the situation is similar in the state at this time as well. In another case, fodder scam convict Lalu Yadav has also been portrayed as ‘Chakradhari Krishna’.

According to media reports, Congress leader Shahryar Khan said that a poster depicting Kamal Nath as ‘Krishna’ was put up outside the party office in Bhopal. People are demanding from Kamal Nath for this poster to teach a lesson to BJP in 2023 elections. Shahryar Khan quoted Gita’s statement and said, “When sin increases on earth, God sends someone… Kamal Nath is a man of development.” His Chhindwara model is a perfect example of development in the state, while CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan did nothing special here.

On this issue, State Home Minister Narottam Mishra targeted the Congress and said, “Congress always makes fun of Hinduism. Sometimes Sonia Gandhi is called Durga, sometimes Kamal Nath is Krishna. Congress has always made fun of religion. Congressman Doing this every day that hurts the basic nationalism and religious sentiments of Hindu followers. It calls great India a defamatory India, it shows their thinking.

In the poster, Kamal Nath is seen as Krishna holding a circle in his hand. While the decisions taken in the then Congress government have also been kept in the poster, many claims have been made. For example, the hoardings contain several claims like providing 27 per cent reservation to OBCs and 10 per cent reservation for general and 100 units of electricity for Rs 100, besides waiving off loans of over 27 lakh farmers in the Kamal Nath government. The second case is in Bihar where RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, convicted in the fodder scam, has also been portrayed as ‘Krishna’. No one else has shared a picture like his idol on their Facebook page ‘Doosra Lalu Tej Pratap’. Lalu Prasad holds a hoop in his hand and a flute in the other. Three garlands are also visible around Lalu Prasad’s neck in the photo. Lalu Prasad is seen sitting on his feet in his old style. Interestingly, Lalu Prasad is wearing his favorite outfit kurta pajama and the hairstyle remains the same forever.


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