Job Vastu Tips: If you follow these Vastu rules, you can get help in the job


Many times we are not able to get a job even after a lot of effort. Many times there is a shortcoming in our efforts, sometimes we are unable to live up to the expectations of the front. Some measures have been described in Vastu, following which a person can get benefit in the job. These measures do not guarantee getting a job, by adopting them the chances of getting a job can be increased, their chances can be improved. In Jagaran spirituality today, we know about similar Vastu remedies.

1. If you are going to interview for a job, then you should give priority to red color in your selection of clothes. If you want, keep a red colored handkerchief in your pocket. The color red is considered to be an aid to growth and job.

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2. Use yellow, red and golden colors more. Using them can increase your chances of getting a job. You can use yellow in your bedroom.


3. Worship Vighnaharta Shri Ganesh ji before going for interview. They will fulfill all your wishes. The task for which it will go will be completed without any hindrance. When exiting the house, first move the right leg forward. This will help in your progress.

4. If you are not getting less opportunities or opportunities for jobs, then you should get a big mirror on the northern wall of your house, in which your whole body can be seen. Doing so will provide job opportunities and can increase your chances of getting a job.

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5. If you are giving an interview over the phone, make sure that you face north or east. Where you are sitting, there is a wall behind you. According to Vastu, it is considered good.

6. If you are interviewing face to face, then body language should be positive. Your voice should not be loud or low. So much so that the front is heard clearly. There should be clarity in your talk.



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