Jalebi Recipe: make rice instantly if you have leftover lunch, tasty crispy jalebi is very easy


Jalebi Recipe From Leftover Rice: The leftover rice at lunch or dinner is either reheated or eaten or thrown out. But today after knowing this recipe, you will never go out and throw out the leftover rice. Yes, people who are fond of sweet food are going to like this recipe very much. The name of this recipe is jalebi of leftover rice. It is as easy to make jalebi as it is also delicious to eat. So what is the delay, let us know how this tasty sweet dish Jalebi is made from the remaining rice.

Ingredients for making jalebi-
-1 cup leftover rice
-5 teaspoon all purpose flour
-Three spoon curd
Half cup sugar
-1/4 cup water
-1/4 teaspoon baking powder
– Little Food Color
Piping bags for making Shape of Jalebi

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Method of preparation of Jalebi
To make Jalebi, first grind it in a blender by adding rice and two spoons of water. Its consistency should be like idli batter. Now mix baking powder and maida in such a way that the lumps will not remain. Now add yogurt and add natural orange food color. Add the flour or curd and add perfect consistency of the battery. Now make a wire syrup in a pan and let it cool. Now fill the batter with a piping bag or a hole in a cloth and fry the jalebi in hot oil. Fry the jalebis well on both sides. Now dip it in sugar syrup for 1 minute. Your tasty jalebi is ready. You can serve it hot.

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