If there is diabetes, then stay away from these 5 things of food!


The world celebrates World Health Day on 7 April every year. This day inspires all people to live a healthy life. In this article we will talk about diabetes, which has become a common disease around the world as well as in India. Diabetes occurs when your blood glucose increases. This is a disease that has no cure, it can be controlled only by changing its lifestyle. Carbohydrates, fats, processed food and natural sugar can also increase your blood sugar level. However, having diabetes does not mean that you stop eating your favorite food.

Management of diabetes: the key to a healthy heart and kidney.  Narayana Health

By following a healthy, balanced diet, you will be able to manage diabetes properly and reduce the risk of heart, kidney and other diseases. People who have diabetes, they can eat most of the things, but there are some things which are right to eat a little bit. The amount of carbohydrates in fried foods like French fies is much more. These foods trigger blood sugar levels, affecting health in more ways than one. Milk is considered a complete food, as it is full of nutrients. However, people who have diabetes need to be cautious.

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Especially they should not drink full cream milk, because the amount of fats in it is much more. Saturated fats can worsen insulin resistance. Fruits are good for people suffering from diabetes, but fruit juice can prove to be harmful because more fruit is used in the juice. Also, while making the juice, the fiber of the fruit also comes out, and only fructose remains in it, which will immediately increase your blood sugar level. White bread, white rice, pasta, bakery food, snacks are things that diabetic patients should not eat.

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They have a high glycemic index, due to which the blood sugar level increases completely. The truth is that fiber is needed to slow the absorption of sugars in the bloodstream, but refined flour has very little fiber. We may think that flavored yogurt is a good source of probiotics, but the truth is that it is not healthy. Nowadays most of the curds available in the market are flavored and sugar is also rich. It is really difficult to turn away from the things of your choice when you have diabetes, but understanding some guidelines can make things easier for you.

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