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If there is a Manglik flaw in the horoscope, do not panic but do this remedy, you will get immediate benefits



There are many people who have Manglik defect in their horoscope, this causes difficulty in marriage. This defect is due to the influence of Mars. But if you also have Manglik Dosha then you need not worry because by trying some astrological remedies you can get rid of this dosha. So let’s know about these remedies.

* If there is Manglik Dosh on someone, then the best solution is that if the Manglik woman and man are married then the Mangal Dosh goes away.

* By keeping Hanumanji fast on every Tuesday, the effect of Mangal Dosh can be reduced to a great extent. With this, one should recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday, due to this, Mangal gets calm.


* It is also said that the effect of Mangal Dosh ends after the age of 28 years, so a Manglik person should marry only after 28 years. But it is important to keep in mind that in the birth horoscope of someone, if the house of Mars is in the eighth house, then such a person should get married after 36 years.

* Mangal Kavachram and Mangal Upasana should be performed by a pandit to get rid of Mangal Dosha, this removes the Mangal Dosh from one’s birth chart.

* To get rid of Manglik dosha, the girl is married with a Peepal tree, a statue of Vishnu Dev, a clay pot or a banana tree. This removes mangalik faults and after this he can be married to any boy.



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