Horoscope August 30: On Janmashtami, Sun God will change his move, it will transit in Virgo…

astrology desk In astrology, the Sun is considered the factor of the soul. In addition, in astrology, the Sun is also considered a representation of the father. The child’s relationship with the father becomes sweet and bitter because of the Sun. Whenever a local horoscope makes a prediction, the position of the Sun appears first.

Because in astrology, Sun is said to be the factor of success and respect. If the sun is dominant, the local will gain fame in his life. Astrologer Anish Vyas, Director, Paul Balaji Jyotish Sansthan in Jaipur said that he is excited and serious about this. In a woman’s horoscope, the Sun comes after her husband. The zodiac signs are also known as Sun in astrology. It is called the sun symbol. If there is a solar eclipse in the horoscope, then good results will come on Sunday. In astrology, the Sun is considered to be the lord of Leo and exalted in the sign of Aries, while the Sun in Libra is considered to be the lower sign of the zodiac.

Effect of Sun on Human Life:

Sun is our source of energy. Because of this we remain strong. Nature’s motion for the Sun is also a factor. We too are part of this nature. Because of that they influence us. According to astrology, the person who is sitting in the sun in the horoscope, his face is big and round and the color of eyes is like honey. Astrologer Anish Vyas, director of Paul Balaji Jyotish Sansthan in Jaipur, says that the Sun represents the heart in a person’s body. The sign of Leo in the Kalpurush Kundli represents the heart. According to anatomy and astrology, the Sun represents the right eye of men and the left eye of women. According to astrology, if the Sun shines in a person’s horoscope, then the person will achieve all the goals in his life. The locals seem to have incredible courage. Its partner is full of talent and leadership.

He has no respect in life. The local is energetic, confident and hopeful. Being local creates an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the house. The local is kind. Life becomes king. Such locals are very loyal to their work and relationships. The fact that the Sun is exalted and dominant in the horoscope indicates a government job. The native holds a high position in life. The horoscope of a local which is or is not affected by the Sun has a serious effect on those locals. In such a situation the person becomes arrogant. Anger is on the nose of the local. Because of this his writing is very misleading. The local gets frustrated about the little things. That’s why they can’t trust anyone. Jealousy spread among the local people. Horoscope is ambitious, selfish. This will also reduce their social standing.

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