Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that everyone wants to have their own dream palace, which is the most beautiful. Keep your home in a place where there is no trouble around. But friends, many people hurry to get home, due to which they have to face many problems later. You all know that after taking home in the wrong place, you have to face troubles all your life. Friends, today let us tell that you should not take home in these places.

Friends, for your information, tell that the house should not be near the liquor shop. Because friends liquor store is a symbol of negativity. Only negative energy comes out from the liquor store, which completely affects your house.

Friends tell you that around the houseThere should be no cremation ground or graveyard. According to the scriptures, if your house is in such a place, then negative energy will come in the house which affects the mental state of the members of your house.

Friends, tell you that there should not be a casino near the house. People visit this place continuously. Friends, there is a possibility of quarrels in these places. It is not easy for civilized people to live here. Therefore, do not take the house near the casino.


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