Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that in the Ramayana, 3 such people have been told that insulting them is said to be a sin. There are many difficulties to be faced in life. It has been said in the scriptures that after insulting these people, they do any amount of worship or charity, but their sin does not get erased. Friends, even after forgetting, you should not insult them. Friends, you should also know about these people. You all know that mother is given the status of God.

According to the scriptures, tell you that every religion has been told about respecting the mother and not insulting her even after forgetting. Friends, the one who serves the mother gets heaven, on the contrary, a person who insults her can never be happy. Don’t insult your mother even by forgetting friends. It is said in the scriptures that a person who does not respect his father, does not obey his orders, is considered like an animal. Insulting one’s parents is considered the biggest demerit of man.

Friends, the one who does this never progresses. The status of Guru is considered very high. Let us tell you that Guru gives us education and knowledge. A student who does not respect his guru, disrespects the education given by him, he can never achieve success. That’s why one should never insult one’s gurus.


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