Fish and Milk Relation: Intake of milk and fish together, poison or myth, understand scientific reasons like this


Combination of fish and milk is considered like Barry or poison, but is there really poison for us or is it just myth. Both milk and fish are rich in nutrients. Milk contains plenty of calcium, protein, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin D. While fish is rich in protein, many vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids etc.

What do scientists say

Scientifically, till now, it has been said that if you are allergic to either of the two things, then do not consume fish and milk together. Apart from this, no separate study has been done in which it is said that the consumption of both together has an adverse effect on the body. If you look at the elements present in both, then rich nutritious elements are found in both. In many countries abroad, there is also a practice of consuming both together for quick recovery of the sick person. Scientists believe that if the fish is not cooked properly or the body has difficulty in ingesting lactose, then consuming both together can have a bad effect on the body but does not cause poisoning.

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What says ayurveda

Simultaneous consumption of milk and fish is completely prohibited in Ayurveda. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, in Ayurveda, nuns are not treated with anything from vegetarian food. Secondly, both fish and milk are two different diet styles. For this reason, according to the Ayurvedic Philosophy, both have an adverse effect on the body. The second is the cooling effect of milk according to Ayurveda while the heating effect of fish. Therefore, the combination of both causes an imbalance, which can lead to many chemical changes in the body.



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