Eunuchs diagnose many problems of children, incurable diseases are also overcome




Even today, eunuchs in our society do not have the respect they should have. They are not understood in society the way a normal human being should be understood. Therefore, they depend on running their livelihood by singing auspicious time, child birth, marriage etc. Eunuchs, however, are considered lucky and it is said that if they get their blessings, then the person gets respect in life, while their baddu ruins life. Many problems related to children can be overcome by taking measures related to eunuchs. So let’s know how can your children overcome the incurable disease with the help of eunuchs.

– On the Wednesday that comes after the birth of a newborn baby, give Shishu in the eagle’s lap on or on any constellation of Mercury. It is very lucky for the blessings that they give to the child.

– Every Wednesday or the coming constellation of Mercury from the birth of the child to his Annaprashan, get him blessed by some happy eunuch. This does not make the child a victim of health related problems.

– If the child has a bad eye, then leave the child for three to four-day consecutive days to play in the lap of a eunuch. The blessing that comes out of the eagle’s mouth will correct her even with medicine.

– If the child is suffering from stomach pain due to stool-urinary obstruction, then get the eunuch to get his hands on his stomach, the child will start benefiting.

– If a child or a person is suffering from big back pain, 21 times should gently get his eunuch hand on his forehead. There will be immediate benefit from this.



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