Earthquake shakes ‘Mars’ again, ‘Red Planet’ trembles for the third time in a month


New Delhi: Earthquake tremors were felt in Mars (Mars) like Earth. The US space agency NASA’s InSight lander recently reported earthquake tremors on Mars. The InSight lander, which reached the surface of Mars, has recorded the sound of some thunder beneath the surface. NASA has now detected the largest and longest-lasting earthquake of magnitude 4.2 on Mars. The earthquake that shook Mars lasted for an hour and a half.

The September 18 earthquake is the third major event recorded by the InSight lander in just over a month. The InSight lander had earlier detected two earthquakes of magnitude 4.2 and 4.1 on its seismometer on August 25. NASA said the 4.2-magnitude quake on September 18 was five times more powerful than previous quakes. Earlier in 2019, there was an earthquake of 3.7 magnitude on Mars.

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According to scientists, the earthquake occurred 8,500 km from the current location of the InSight lander. Which is the farthest earthquake ever detected by the lander. Scientists are now trying to locate the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred far away from where the InSight lander detected all previous major earthquakes on the surface of Mars.



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