Door-to-door covid vaccination allowed for people with disabilities


New Delhi: The government has allowed door-to-door COVID vaccination campaigns for people with disabilities and those with restricted mobility, officials said on Thursday. Speaking at the press conference on the status of COVID, Dr VK of NITI Aayog. Paul said that guidelines have been issued in this regard.

“We are introducing home immunization for those who are not able to visit vaccination centres. Advisory has been issued. Standard operating procedures will be followed,” he said. Observing that the process would be effective, safe, nutritional, supportive and would follow the norm of the guidelines, he said that persons with restricted mobility, disability and special needs who hinder their access to the vaccine centers would get the vaccines at their doorstep. , and for this, teams will be formed at the local level in collaboration with the state government. He said that it is advised that a list of such potential beneficiaries and their caregivers should be prepared in the catchment area of ​​each planning unit and tallied at the district level.

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Health secretary Rajesh Bhushan also said, “We have written to all states on September 22. This is to ensure a equitable citizen-centric approach to immunization. Anyone who wants to get vaccinated and who does not travel to the vaccination centre. Maybe, we have made this arrangement for them.

The measure is expected to increase coverage, primarily among those most vulnerable to infection. For example, many elderly people who are bedridden, or patients with diseases under homecare, as well as people with disabilities find it difficult to access vaccination centres.



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