Do you know the real reason behind Rakesh Roshan not having a single hair on his head?

Director Rakesh Roshan, who has directed several blockbuster films like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Rakesh Roshan was born on this day i.e. 6th September 1979 in Mumbai. Rakesh Roshan is known for his brilliant films. So let’s know some things about Rakesh Roshan on his birthday. Many people think that Rakesh Roshan is bald due to illness but it is not so.

Mannat wanted to become a hit for the film: he worked as a director for the first time. Rakesh Roshan had sought a vow for the success of this film. He had made a vow in Tirupati Balaji that if his film was a hit, he would come to Tirupati and donate his hair. And his promise was fulfilled, after which Rakesh Roshan’s film proved to be a superhit. After the film became a superhit, Rakesh Roshan forgot his vow. But his wife Pinky remembered his vow. And it was his wife who reminded him. After which Rakesh Roshan went to Tirupati and got his hair shaved.

Had taken this oath: According to media reports, when Rakesh Roshan went to Tirupati to shave his hair, he swore that he would never have hair on his head. It was only after this film that many films directed by him started setting the theaters on fire and all proved to be hits too. You all must know that Rakesh Roshan has also tried his hand in acting. He has played roles in many movies like Paraya Dhan, Sundar.

These days Rakesh Roshan is busy with the fourth film of Hrithik Roshan’s film Krish. He had recently announced this film. Fans are quite excited since the announcement of the film. Now everyone is waiting for this film.


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