Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that many remedies have been told in astrology to remove the troubles and misfortunes coming in your work. Friends, these remedies are done with different things, they pacify the planetary defects of the horoscope. According to the scriptures, friends, today we are telling you some such remedies of black sesame, from which you can get rid of many problems.

1. According to the scriptures, tell you that every day fill pure water in a pot and put black sesame seeds in it. Friends, now offer this water on Shivling while chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivay. Offer water with a thin stream and keep chanting the mantra. After this you offer flowers and bilva leaves. Friends, this remedy increases the chances of getting auspicious results.

2. For your information, let us tell you that if there are defects of Shani in the horoscope or if Shani’s half-century or dhayya is going on, then friends should flow black sesame seeds every Saturday in a holy river. Shani’s defects are pacified by this remedy.

3. According to the scriptures, mix black sesame in milk and offer it on Peepal. Bad times can go away from this. Friends, this remedy should be done every Saturday.

4. Friends, tell you that donate black sesame seeds. Due to this the bad effects of Rahu-Ketu and Shani end. Friends, this remedy can also be done in Kalsarp Yoga, Sadesati, Dhaiya, Pitru Dosh etc.

5. According to the scriptures, tie black sesame, black urad in black cloth and donate it to a poor person every Saturday. Friends, this remedy can solve the problems related to money.


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