Covid-19 Spread: Masks and ventilation are necessary to prevent corona infection, research


Experts believe that a distance of two yards and a mask is necessary to protect against corona, but a recent research has revealed that the distance of two yards does not matter in the defense of corona. Masks and ventilation are very important to protect against Kovid-19. Researchers have drawn samples regarding air flow and spread of disease to validate the study and have also measured the risk of spreading corona infection from the air.

In the study, researchers formulated computer models:

Researchers have designed a classroom computer model with students and a teacher. The model of the class in the study was 709 square feet with a roof nine feet high. Researchers have found that Kovid-19 has more important physical masks and better ventilation systems to prevent air spread. The study is published in the journal Physics of Fluids. Researchers then prepared a sample in relation to air flow and the spread of disease and measured the risk of infection from the air.

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The study first included students who wore masks. Any student involved in the study may suffer from corona. A teacher is also seated in the class.

No distance of six feet is required to stop aerosol transmission:

“This research is important because it guides how we perceive safety in the internal environment,” said Michael Kinzel, assistant professor at the University of Central Florida, USA.

Kinzel stated that a six-foot distance is not needed to stop aerosol transmission, just that the mask is necessary. Studies show that it is more important to apply masks than to maintain physical distance in crowded areas or in educational institutions.

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