Coronavirus: Is the second leg of Kovid-19 more dangerous for children? Pay attention to these symptoms


Covid-19 2nd Wave & Kids: Numerous research and research has shown that the new variant of the corona virus is more powerful and lethal, which can easily pass immune defenses and antibodies. Earlier it was believed that Kovid-19 proves to be dangerous only for adults, but new cases also involve schools. Some epidemiologists believe that the new strain of corona can severely infect children as well.

Like the UK and Brazil, India is also battling the second Lehar of the Kovid-19, which is considered to be the most terrible for the young. Recently 400 children were found Kovid-19 positive in a school in Bangalore.

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How dangerous are the new forms of Kovid?


New variants of Kovid, be it the recently found double mutant variant in India, or the UK and Brazil, the virus now easily attaches itself to entry receptors and then begins to attack particular cell linings. is.

There has not been much research done on children who have been victimized by Kovid at this time, but experts believe that new strains are more contagious, more symptoms are seen from the first initiative, there may be a serious condition and hospitalization. The probability also increases.

Why can children be at greater risk?

At this time, a number of factors are responsible for the increase in Kovid-19 cases for adults as well as children. With slack in due diligence, many experts believe that cases have increased rapidly due to the opening of schools and educational institutions.

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