Lifestyle. According to the scriptures, let us tell you that the month of July is very important in terms of planets and constellations. Friends, by July 25, many planets have to change their zodiac signs. According to the scriptures, Mars, Mercury and Venus will transit from one zodiac to another during this time. Due to the transit of planets in the higher house in the birth chart, people will get the benefit of changing the zodiac, while friends may have to face some problems in the weak house.

Let us tell you that in astrology, Saturn is considered an important planet. Friends, Shani also influences all the 12 zodiac signs by its changes and movements. According to astrology, at present Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. Friends, the full seventh vision of retrograde Saturn will fall on the Sun. With this effect, balanced rainfall can be expected from July 20.

According to astrology, Mars will enter Cancer on July 20. Mars will remain in Leo sign till 6th September. Let us tell you that Mars is given a special place in astrology. Mars is the commander of all the planets. Friends, where the fate of a person changes due to the auspicious effects of Mars. Aries, Cancer and Pisces zodiac signs need to be careful during Mars transit. According to astrology, Mercury will transit from Gemini to Cancer on July 25. Friends, Mercury will form Shadashtak Yoga with the Guru. With this effect, progress can be made in the field of education and spirituality.


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