Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that the family in which there is love between the members, there is attachment towards each other, that house is considered like heaven and God’s blessings remain on that house. But friends, in many homes, there is an atmosphere of tension between family members. Due to which many problems have to be faced in the house. But friends, to get rid of this problem, many remedies have been told in the scriptures, by adopting which you can solve these problems.

Friends, if the children in the family behave badly or do not obey the elders, then apply saffron or turmeric tilak on their forehead. By doing this you will get benefit soon. According to the scriptures, if there is a rift between brothers, then donate sweet things. Donate by adding honey to milk. If friends are not made with your spouse, then serve the cow. If there is a difference of opinion between father and son, then any father or son should donate jaggery and wheat to the temple.

Friends tell you that in the morning, do bhajan for some time Recite Sundarkand at home on Tuesday and Saturday. Offer Chola and vermilion in Hanuman temple on Tuesday. Donate black gram, black clothes, iron and mustard oil on Sunday, Saturday or Tuesday. According to the scriptures, if there is a rift between the women of the family, then the women should donate the flour mill to the temple. Burn jaggery and ghee on a candle on Thursday and Sunday, it increases the flow of positive energy.


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