Friday, February 26, 2021

Child care: These home remedies prove effective in weaning the baby



Lifestyle Desk. Friends, as the baby grows, it becomes very difficult to stop breastfeeding. Almost all women face a lot of difficulties in breastfeeding their baby. According to Ayurveda, after the child is about 6 months of age, he should gradually stop breastfeeding and start giving him solid food. Today we are going to tell you some of the native tips for weaning young children, which will prove to be effective for you.

1.Two friends, when the child is six months old, try to get rid of breastfeeding slowly. Explain that if you breastfeed your baby 6 times a day, do it twice a day and give it a solid food twice.

2. If your baby is not giving up breastfeeding, then you can apply turmeric, salt, bitter gourd juice, neem ground leaves etc. on your breast. Friends, after doing this, the baby will leave the breast on its own.

3. To get rid of breast milk, after 6 months, you can start mashing the lentils, banana, rice etc. well.

4. You can also start feeding the baby with a bottle, sipper or cup to stop breastfeeding.



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