Business Vastu Tips: To be successful in business, then keep these things in Vastu in mind


Today, there is no guarantee that success can be achieved by starting any business during the competitive phase. Along with doing all the essentials of business, you should also pay attention to some of the measures of Vastu. These measures given by Vastu can help in the growth of your business. In Jagaran spirituality, today we are going to tell you about Vastu measures, which you can succeed in your business by adopting them. Let’s know about it:

1. If you want to open a shop or office, make sure that it is facing north, north-east or north-west direction. Being in this direction will increase positive energy and goodluck.

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2. There should not be any obstructions like electric pole, big piece of stone, etc. in front of the main door of the shop or office. The main gate is completely empty and its direction is to the north or east.

3. Keep the center of your shop or office empty.

4. In the office building, your office should be in the south-west direction and you should sit in such a way that your face is in the north direction.

5. There should be no temple or idol of God behind you. It is good to have a wall behind your seat.

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6. It would be better if your table is rectangular. Clumsy desks will create negativity and confusion. The decision process may be affected.



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