Body odor removing tips: get rid of the smell of sweat in these 7 ways in summer


In summer, sweating is most irritating. The smell of sweat not only makes itself look bad, but also disturbs the people around it. There are many reasons for sweating, such as mental stress, physical exertion, emotional stimulation, dieting, genetic hormone imbalance and temperature rise. Although there is no smell in sweat, but when sweat comes from bacteria present on the skin, it starts to smell. We use a variety of deodorants to get rid of sweat, but their effects do not last long. If you are also troubled by perspiration in summer, you can get rid of this problem by adopting home remedies like lemon water, rose water, curd, baking, soda.

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Baking soda:

Venking soda plays an important role in getting rid of the smell of sweat. Make a paste by mixing baking soda, water and lemon juice and apply this paste in the under arms for 10 minutes, then rinse with fresh water. Applying this paste will relieve the smell of sweat. If you want, mix together the baking soda and talcum powder and apply on the under arms and legs for 10 minutes, then wash with fresh water will be relieved by sweating.


Treatment of sweating with potato:

Sweat comes in most of the under arms, you rub the slices of raw potato on this place, you will get rid of the smell of sweat.

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Remove perspiration from mint leaves:

If you want to remove the smell of sweat, then you put some alum and more mint leaves in the bath tub then take a shower. By doing this you will get rid of the problem of sweating.

Rose water will spell:

Adding rose water to a tub of bathing water leads to a feeling of coldness and tenderness. If you want, add two drops of tree oil and two teaspoons of rose water and apply this mixture in the underarm with the help of cotton wool. The smell of sweat will be relieved.

Amla and betel will remove the stench:

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Grind betel leaves and gooseberry and apply its paste in the under arms for 10 minutes, then you get relief from the smell of sweat.



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