Avoid These Food and Alcohol Combinations

The combination of certain foods and alcohol can go completely wrong while certain foods can put you in bad acid reflux. This can cause chest swelling, burning pain, or feeling sick and the urge to vomit the next morning. While it may seem like some snacks are a great combination to go with alcohol, here are some foods you should avoid when drinking.


Chocolate with wine is definitely not a good combination. Drinking chocolate can cause gas in the stomach and increase acidity in the stomach.

Beans and Red Wine

While a glass of red wine may seem ideal, the beans with it are not. Because beans or lentils contain high amounts of iron, which your body does not absorb while drinking.

fried and salty food

When drinking salty and fried foods there are a large number. Fries or nuggets that contain excess salt can quickly dehydrate you and drain your energy. Instead opt for grilled chicken or vegetables.


Bread and beer are other no-no combinations of food and wine. Bread will only make your bloating worse and it will dehydrate your body. If you drink an excessive amount of beer and combine it with bread you can throw up.


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