Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that in every house there is a separate place for the gods and goddesses. Many make small or big temples in their own way in the house. Worshiping him reduces all sorrows and pains as well as gives you peace of mind. Friends, but due to lack of some information, we make some mistakes due to which unrest starts arising in the house.

According to the scriptures, two Shivling, three Ganesha, two conch shells, two Sun idols, three idols of Jagdamba and two Shaligramji should not be worshipped in the house. Friends, this does not give the fruit of devotion and leads to sorrow. According to Vastu, the atmosphere of the house remains disturbed.

Friends, tell you that very big idols should not be kept in the temple of the house. According to the scriptures, if you want to keep Shivling in your temple then Shivling should not be bigger than the size of your thumb. Friends, Shivling is very sensitive and for this reason it is auspicious to keep a small Shivling in the temple of the house.

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