Lifestyle. Friends, many times, even after working hard day and night, the house remains financially tight, due to which many problems have to be faced. Friends, if you are troubled by this problem, then according to the scriptures, do this easy use of black thread, it will also change your luck. Friends, for your information, let us tell you that whenever our happiness turns into sadness or the money we get always turns into a sudden loss or the mutual harmony of the family deteriorates, friends, it is possible that you or your family will continue to do such incidents. Or your job or business has got an evil eye.

Friends, according to the scriptures, let us tell you that to avoid this problem, many methods have been told in astrology. For example, the beauty of small children or girls should not be seen by any evil eye, so that they should apply black vaccine. Friends, for luck and money, bring silk or cotton black thread from the market and take this thread to Hanuman temple in the evening on Tuesday.

According to the scriptures, tie nine small knots in this thread. Put vermilion on the feet of Hanuman ji on this thread. Friends, tie this thread on the main door of your house or tie it on the safe. This will increase the inflow of money into your home. Let me tell you that your luck will definitely change with such a thread.

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