Lifestyle. You all know that nails increase the beauty of hands, but according to the scriptures, they give indications of our coming future. Friends, usually there is a question in the mind of every girl that how will her in-laws house be, whether the people living in her in-laws will keep me well or not. Friends, if you are also worried here, then today we will tell you how girls with nails become the darlings of in-laws.

1. Light Pink Nails

Friends, according to the scriptures, people with light pink nails remain in good health as well as are favorite for in-laws. Let us tell you that people with such nails get a lot of love from everyone. Gets along very well with mother-in-law.

2. White Nails

According to the scriptures, if the nails are white and with white spots, then their in-laws are very good. Friends, girls with white nails are very lucky for their in-laws. Let us tell you that after marriage, he progresses twice in his career.

3. Dark red or purple

Friends, let us tell you that as soon as the feet of girls with dark red and purple nails fall in the house, everyone’s bad work starts happening. Money is also a lot and progress is also available.

4. Raised Nails

According to the scriptures, girls with protruding nails are lucky for their in-laws and they also get a lot of love from their in-laws. Friends, but there can be some debate with husband.


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