Lifestyle. According to the scriptures, let us tell you that the bad structure of the houses can become the cause of Vastu defects in the house, and if the Vaastu of the house is bad, then the family members may have to face health-related problems. Due to which the atmosphere of tension remains in the house. But friends, some such remedies have been told from Vastu itself, which can get rid of these problems.

Friends, according to the scriptures, you should not keep any of your valuable things in the north-west direction, friends, there is a possibility of it being stolen. Let us tell you that keep the main gate of your house bigger than the other doors. Never keep anything related to water near your safe.

Friends, always keep in mind that no part of the front of the house is broken. According to the scriptures, due to this, there can be a possibility of bad health of the members of the house. For your information, let us tell you that the color of the room in which you keep the vault should never be blue. Friends, it is considered the color of water. When this happens, money does not last. Always keep a black colored pot over your house. This never gives a bad look to the house. This is a panacea method.


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