Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that Chanakya has said a lot about the behavior of women, most of which seem to be true. Because of which life has to be regretted. Friends, you should also know about these things of Chanakya.

1. Let me tell you that women often lie in life. Friends, lying does not work every time, sometimes lying becomes a cause of great trouble for you.

2. Friends, let us tell you that women sometimes take a sudden decision in a hurry, due to which they have to repent later. Friends, you must have also seen many times that women often work without thinking. This is a major fault of women.

3. Let us tell you that women are often overconfident too. According to Chanakya, this is the most serious fault of women. Friends, women start showing excessive self-confidence in order to complete a task at the very beginning, due to which many times difficulties arise.

4. Friends, tell you that greed is also one of the bad habits of women. In the greed of friends, women often spoil their work. Friends, women have a lot of attachment to money, gold and jewelry. This attachment sometimes turns into greed which takes a serious form.


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