38-year-old woman used to visit chimpanzee everyday, said- ‘We love each other’

Brussels: A female chimpanzee has been banned from visiting a zoo in Belgium. Actually, the zoo administration suspects that both of them were having an affair. The woman herself has admitted to having an affair with a chimpanzee. A woman named Eddie Timmermann often visited the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. The woman met a 38-year-old chimpanzee at the zoo. She has been raising chimpanzees continuously for the last 4 years.

The woman said that she and the chimpanzee had a strong relationship and that they both loved each other. Zoo officials say that the woman will no longer be allowed to meet a chimpanzee named Chita. At the same time, chimpanzees have been kept separate from other chimpanzees. Opposing the zoo administration’s decision, the woman said that she loves the animal and the chimpanzee loves it. The woman said that there is nothing else between them, so why is this thing being snatched from her? The woman said, “Suppose we both have an affair, then what happened?” He said that when others can be allowed to contact, why not him? At the same time, the zoo officials say that they have taken this step in the interest of the animals.

An official said that the animal that grows closer to humans, their companions, starts ignoring the animals, so we want chimpanzees to remain chimpanzees. Tourists visit the zoo during the day, spending the remaining 15 hours with their fellow animals. This chimpanzee was sitting alone. Officials said they are happy with the close proximity of animals to people, but here the interest of animals comes first.


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