20 minutes after being fragmented, cobra snake avenged its death, know how

Beijing: When and in what form the form of death will come cannot be said. Death is the greatest truth of human life. Every year more than one million people in the world die from snake bites. But recently a case has come to light from China in which a cobra killed Maharaj only 20 minutes after his death. In fact, in China, the severed head of a snake was served on a plate and the severed head of a snake from the same plate used to bite the cook. In South China, soup made from the skin of a cobra snake is consumed with great fervor. The skin of this poisonous snake is removed and its pork is cooked. But for Chef Peng Fan living in Foshan, China, making cobra soup became the cause of his death. He died while making cobra soup, which was also caused by the bite of an already dead snake.

Actually, cobra soup was sold in Peng’s restaurant. The people who came to his restaurant drank the soup with great fervor. Peng had cut the cobra and kept it in his kitchen on the day of the incident so that its soup could be made. Peng severed the cobra’s neck and cut the rest of its body into small pieces. After biting the snake, he started cleaning the kitchen. During this, as soon as Peng picked up the severed head to put it in the dustbin after biting the snake, the dead cobra bit him. Twenty minutes after the death of the cobra, the snake’s head was still alive and Peng’s life was lost due to its venom. Let us tell you that antivenom doses that eliminate cobra venom are available in the market, but they have to be taken immediately. Peng did not get the medicine even after being bitten, due to which he died in half an hour. At the time of the incident, many guests had come to the restaurant to drink the same soup.

Let us tell you that except China, cobra soup is eaten with great fervor in many parts of the world. Even 20 minutes after his death, many people could not believe the news that a dead cobra had bitten him. But experts say it is possible. Snake venom remains active in his body. When Peng touched the cobra 20 minutes after his death, he beheaded it. After the incident, people who came to eat food in the restaurant left without drinking soup. This strange incident is in discussion at the moment.


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