2 crore fine imposed on Delhi salon, model’s hair was cut wrongly


New Delhi: The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has ordered a salon in the country’s capital Delhi to pay a compensation of Rs 2 crore to a woman. In fact, the woman has spoken of giving compensation in return for causing permanent damage to hair by wrongly cutting hair and giving wrong hair treatment.

According to the report, the salon is present in a hotel in Delhi. Where Aashna Roy went for her hair treatment in April 2018. She was a model for hair products and modeled for several major hair-care brands. But contrary to her instructions, the salon lost its job and suffered financial losses due to wrong haircuts, which not only changed her lifestyle but also shattered her dream of becoming a top model.

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Aashna Roy said that I had clearly told the salon to keep the hair long ‘flix’ from the front and get a haircut of four inches from the back. But the barber willingly cut her long hair completely, leaving only four inches of hair. In this regard, when the girl complained to the manager, he offered her free hair treatment. Ashana claims that during this time the chemical damaged her hair forever. He approached the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and requested a compensation of Rs 3 crore. In the same case, the commission has now ordered that the complainant should be provided a compensation of two crore rupees. The amount of compensation should be paid to the complainant within eight weeks (two months).

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