10th student gifted 75 tola gold to ‘friend’ on social media

Kochi: A shocking case has come to light from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, where a class 10th student gifted 75 tola of gold to friends on social media. According to media reports, a year ago a user named Shebeen had posted on social media that he was in financial trouble. Seeing this post, a 15-year-old schoolgirl talked to him and came very close to him. He took a shocking step to solve Xibein’s economic problems.

A box was kept under the bed in the student’s house, in which gold was kept. The student gave 75 tola of gold to her social media friend. With the help of his mother, Shebeen sold the gold. Later Shebeen and her mother got the house repaired and kept the remaining 9.8 lakh rupees in the house. After the gold went missing, the girl’s mother had given a complaint to the police. Then Shebeen and her mother Shajila were arrested and both were taken on remand. The student told the police that she had given the gold to Shebeen a year ago. Police have recovered around Rs 10 lakh from Shebeen’s house.

But, the twist in the matter came when Shebeen told the police that he had not received 75 tola of gold, the student had given him only 27 tola of gold. The police are also confused by the statement of the student. The student told the police that she had given 40 tolas out of 75 tolas of gold to another youth from Palakkad district, whom she had met on Instagram. The youth of Palakkad district blocked him on Instagram as soon as he got the gold, but the police is not ready to accept it. Police said that more details will come out only when the accused is taken into custody and interrogated. But the police could not agree with the mother’s statement that she had lost 75 tola of gold in a year.


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