Lifestyle News- If you did not eat bhogi then what did you eat, know the secret behind it


Friends, the festival of Makar Sankranti is about to come for 2 days and people go to their roofs and play kites and enjoy eating different dishes, but do you know what the day before Makar Sankranti is called, no. Neither do we tell you that it is called Bhogi, which is Makar Sankranticelebrated on the eve of

you must have heard that If you don’t eat then you are always sick. The word Bhogi literally means one who enjoys! Bhogi is considered a festival of joy and happiness. Sesame bread on this day, Butter, papad, Eggplant Filling, Delicious food like chutney and khamang khichdi are prepared.


what is enjoyer?

On the day of Bhogi, Suvasini is invited for dinner with the above mentioned food. If not possible, the above items are cooked on his arrival at home. This is called giving enjoyment.

The message of bringing love and sweetness in human relationships is given through this festival. in north india, Sankranti is called Khichdi Sankranti. In Jalosha especially on the eve of Makar Sankranti in Punjab blacksmithThe festival is celebrated. in bengal, Sankranti is also known as Tilua Sankranti and Pishtak Sankranti. There is a three-day festival called Pongal (Pongal) in the south.


There is a method to prepare some special dishes on the day of Bhogi. They make khichdi with moong dal and rice, Bread and Butter with Millet or Sorghum Sesame, Pawte-carrot-gram-eggplant. Eat millet roti with this vegetable.

Due to the hotness of millet, it is beneficial to eat it in winter. The offerings of the above items are shown at home by worshiping the deities and the sun. There is a tradition of washing hair and taking bath on the day of Bhogi.

festival in tamilnadu Pongaland in Assam Bhogli Bihuis called.



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