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Lifestyle News – If you are showing symptoms of viral, then in this way you can identify omicron or delta

We all know that new variants of corona in the whole world of friends Omicron The risk of disease is increasing and its patients are increasing day by day, the condition in the country is also getting worse. For this reason, the Indian government has warned the state governments that strict steps should be taken in view of the situation in the state. You think this much that if a new variant has come, then its Doesn’t mean that covid –19 And the delta variants are inactive. Alam is that continuously patients infected with this virus are also coming out.

although, The biggest problem facing the common man at this time is that winter, How to differentiate between Omicron and Delta type traits. For this we will tell you here how you can differentiate between them.

common cold symptoms


Winter season is going on. In such a situation, it is common to have cold and cough. Cold and flu were common in this season, Even before the arrival of Corona. Let’s know some common symptoms of cold and flu…

The runny nose starts before the cold.

then headache

Then the problem of cough and nasal congestion starts.

When all these three problems become too much, then a fever-like experience starts.


Delta Characteristics

sore throat, Runny nose and headache are early symptoms of corona virus delta infection.

But then there is also the problem of lack of taste and smell. This is the main symptom of this virus.

Symptoms of Omicron

First of all, in Omicron, there is a swelling or sore throat.

Then there is the problem of sneezing and cold. This is where the headache starts.

Due to joint pain, the body starts breaking down and feels very weak.

Fever comes with severe tremors.




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