Lifestyle News- Cracked feet give a sign of your stomach disease, know what is the connection


If the disease of cracked feet is bothering you, then do not ignore it. Because these are signs of a bigger disease. If reports are to be believed, then your cracked legs can also be due to some disease related to your stomach.

It can also be seasonal, but sometimes the dead skin on the feet is not removed., Not keeping the feet clean can also be the reason, but sometimes it can also be due to stomach diseases.

This article describes unusual symptoms from which it can be found out that the problem is not due to stomach disease. These symptoms indicate that your digestion is not working properly.


Tongue pain, acne, Blister, acid reflux, bloating and abdominal distention, headache while traveling, These are symptoms of digestive problems. At the same time, torn heels also tell you that you have some stomach related problem. This is a sign of poor bowel health.

Home remedies

If your heels crack frequently and this problem is due to common reasons, then some home remedies can be done. It will be beneficial.

use oil


Massaging the ankle with oil will solve this problem. This will give moisture to the feet.

Use Glycerin and Rose Water

Glycerin is also a good moisturizer. It fixes the Fee Heel.

wheat flour

one spoon rice flour, Mix two spoons of honey and one spoon of lemon juice. Scrub the heels with this paste. to your feet 15 Soaking in warm water for a minute is also beneficial.



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